The very first book which was compiled in the Shiite History is Kitaabe Sulaym Ibn Qays Hilali. As the name of the book mentions, this book was compiled by Sulaym Ibn Qais. In this book Sulaym documents the teachings of Ahlulbayt (as). Along with that he compiled sermons of Imam Ali(as) and other ahadith regarding important matters of Shiism.

The book starts with a Hadith narrated by Salman al-Farsi about the period of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh&hp) illness. As we look forward this book covers very important events like the Last time of Prophet and his talks with Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as), the Shura committee, the attack on the house of the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp) – Fatema (sa). This book gives insight into the events which took place after the death of the Holy Prophet (pbuh&hp). It is important for every Shia to be aware of these events. To be aware of the atrocities committed against the Ahlulbayt (as).

Imam Ja’far Al Sadiq (a.s) said regarding this book,

If anyone from our Shia and devotees does not have the book of Sulaym ibn Qays al Hilali, then he does not have any of our things, and he does not know any of our matters. This is the first book of Shia and is one of the secrets of Ale-Muhammad (a.s)”

-Imam Ja’far Al Sadiq (a.s)

After reading the above Hadith, it becomes very clear that, How much important this book is. We should use our time and read this book atleast once in our life.

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